A Modern Garden Using Traditional Materials

Situated in the valley at the foot of Ilkley Moor this long, narrow garden was in desperate need of a makeover. Basically all that was there was a gently sloping lawn which led to the only real item of interest, a vegetable garden built by the client and framed by by a bespoke trellis.

There were also several large piles of reclaimed building materials left over from previous renovation projects that the clients were keen to incorporate into the new design. We were well supplied with Yorkstone flags and walling stone. There was an octagonal patio near the house that was to be retained and this was to inform the design of the rest of the garden. We were reluctant to divide the garden up using the walling stone so decided to make it into a path. As you can see, this is essentially a drystone wall laid on it’s side. Also, as the garden was prone to waterlogging the path incorporates a land drain which feeds a bog garden further down the slope.

Around ninety five percent of the reclaimed materials were used in the new garden, along with almost 40 tonnes of hardcore and 100 oak sleepers. At the end of the garden a  large summerhouse and plotting shed were built. This accommodates a log burning stove and green roof.

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