Cool but Funky, Contemporary Garden Design

The brief was to provide an outside living space with many different areas and points of interest. The overall feel of the finished project was to be contemporary and stylish but also funky and playful.

It was essential to have water, both still and moving and a large patio for relaxing and entertaining. The patio certainly is large and there are also two small decks made from oak sleepers over one of which hangs the hammock.

The original garden was mainly lawn, a small amount of uninspiring paving and large climbing frame for the kids who have now grown up. The only features to be retained were the semi-mature birches. The garden was exposed to the wind on one side and dominated by overgrown conifers and shrubs on the others. We enclosed the patio with cedar paneling and continued the boundary with an instant hornbeam hedge.

The main feature in the garden is the curved pool and rendered planters complete with stepping stones and bespoke corrugated water blades.

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